Below you'll find brief answers on subjects frequently brought up regarding Acura warranties. For a more complete explanation, please review your Warranty Information Booklet or contact your local Acura dealer.

Dealer Selection

You may take your Acura to any authorized Acura vehicle dealer for warranty repairs. All Acura vehicle dealers will be happy to perform these services for you. If you or they have questions regarding the applicability of warranty, they will contact the local Acura Zone Office for directions.

Warranty Transferability

Acura warrantees the vehicle regardless of the number of ownership changes it incurs. In fact, the back cover of your Acura Warranty Information booklet contains a "Change of Address or Ownership Notification" form for that purpose. In case of safety recalls, product updates, etc., we need to know who to notify. Whenever you move or sell the car, please complete the form and send it to us promptly.

Non-Dealer Service

Your warranty will not be voided by service done by someone other than an Acura dealer, provided the maintenance is performed properly. The only way your warranty may be affected by an outside service is if it can be shown that misuse or improper (or lack of) maintenance caused or contributed to the malfunction.

Warranty on Acura Replacement Parts

Acura Genuine Parts are covered by a Replacement Parts Limited Warranty. If these parts are installed by an Acura dealer, both the parts and labor are covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. If the Genuine Acura parts are purchased from an Acura dealer and installed elsewhere, the parts themselves are covered for 12 months.

No Co-pay

With the exception of battery replacement after the second year, Acura will pay 100% of the bill for warranty repairs. Battery warranty coverage is 100% parts and labor for the first two years, and then pro-rated parts coverage for the third and fourth year.